Glogou Technologies
Cloud Based Big Data Business Intelligent Solutions for International Marketing Research & Advertising

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EMAIL: [email protected]

SKYPE ID: glogou1

HOTLINE: (508) 309-2110

We have offices in

  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Beijing, China

Office Address in California

2068 Walsh Ave, #C

Santa Clara, CA, 95050


Glogou: We are a Silicon Valley California company. We are developing great technologies and providing complete services to help a business do most effective international marketing and advertising.

We have developed technologies around two areas.

  • International Market Research: Cloud Based Data Mining Tools For Discovering Profitable (And Often Neglected) International Markets
  • International Advertising Marketing Solutions: More Effective Digital, Social Media, Mobile Advertising Solutions To Reach Global Customers

Our International Market Research Products

  • WAVE: Web Accessibility Visibility Evaluator, Discover Missing International Market Opportunities

Our International Advertising Marketing Solutions Products

  • TWINS: enable social media reach any country in any language, automatically sync between Twitter, Facebook and Weibo with auto language translation.
  • EWG: Entire Website Globalizer, automatically translate entire website into any language, easy ways to get more international customers.
  • ENDU: ENglish version BaiDU Ad Platform, enable a business to run search engine marketing in China.

We are the 1st company in the world by adopting a special kind of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)technologies originally developed at Stanford University Electrical Engineering to Digital Advertising, to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing.

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